Dear Friends,
Throughout this Passover there are many opportunities for travel 
all over Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley. 
We have compiled a list for you of options – 
all you have to do is choose!  
There are tours, all levels of hikes, children's activities, wineries, heritage sites, natural springs, performances, bed and breakfast options, and festivals for the whole family.
Wishing you a happy Passover, 

Shira Livman

CEO, the Yesha Council  


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Free guided tours to the graves of Yishai and Ruth at Tel Hebron, workshops, and activities for the entire family at Beit Hadassah


On Sunday April 9, there will be an amazing safari jeep tour, departing Kiryat Arba and stopping at all of the heritage and nature sites in the area.


The Yatir Region
The inauguration of a new natural spring, visits to ancient Susya, wineries, and organized activities for the whole family. 


Gush Etzion
A spring season festival at the Kashuela Farm, a special family festival at the Kfar Etzion Heritage Center, A Zionist adventure game, free exciting activities at the Oz VeGaon Nature Reserve, a dog adoption day, and a variety of other events. 

Kfar Etzion Field School: Guided tours/hikes suitable for the entire family, lodging options, and more. Click here 


Ancient Shilo: A one-of-a-kind experience during Chol Hamoed: A maze challenge to "get out of the Red Sea," workshops for the whole family, and other special events. Click here

Spring Festival at the Kaveret Honey Farm: Unique tours for the whole family, at the Kaveret Honey Farm, Beit Horon. Click here

Ofra Field School: Dozens of guided tours -  Israel's security fence, the Jordan Valley, natural springs in Binyamin and more. Click here  

All other Binyamin activities – natural springs, wineries, and more throughout Binyamin 


A children's festival at the Yetidot Farm, a spring season festival in Mevo Dotan, the new Alon Moreh visitor's center, interactive games at the outlooks throughout the Shomron, and dozens of other events and activities. 


The annual "March of Faith" (in memory of terror victims) will take place on April 7. 
To sign up and for more details: Click here

Isru Chag festive event on the paths of Kedumim, performances, workshops, and more.


A performance by popular children's entertainer "Yuval Hamebulbal," a tour of the Chayei Bar Nature Reserve, obstacle course park, and more. 

Eshel Ha'Shomron – Guided tours of the Mishkan Model and Biblical Park in Ariel. 
To register or for more details – 052-398-5898


Jordan Valley
Many diverse events every day of Passover - jeep tours, "scorpion tour" for kids, lodging options, and for the first time ever in the Jordan Valley – a guided tour of the "Valley of Springs.

Jericho Cultural and Heritage Center: 
Guided tours of the ancient Na'aran Synagogue in northern Jericho, Hasmonean palaces, Jordan crossings, and other organized tours. Click here  


Agriculture festival and unique sand experience for the whole family