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On December 2021 we marked the Eye Health Awareness month campaign with the theme:

We have reached hundreds of thousands of citizens with the campaign in different media platforms: television, radio, social media, and press. 

We are happy to send you our achievements in this newsletter.

Nadine Hollander


Our new magazine on eye health


We produced "The Guide to Good Vision" magazine, edited by Prof. Elad Moisseiev together with 7 senior ophthalmologists- Dr. Shiri Shulman, Dr. Gabriel Katz, Dr. Eran Prass, Dr. Keren Haas, Dr. Shiri Suderi, Dr. Miriam Ehrenberg and Prof. Ido Perlman in collaboration with the Association of Ophthalmologists.
The magazine was published both online and in printed version. The magazine will be distributed throughout the year in various activities such as conferences, meetings, doctors' clinics and more.






We  collaborated with many other associations by sending them our series of doctors lectures on eye health when aging.
 We  collaborated with "Motke" - the largest third-age community in Israel, "Camoni" – in specific the AMD community, Herzliya Health Department, Ganei Tikva the division for Health Promotion, Alumni of Bank Leumi Association, Migdal-Or, 'Lectures from the Sofa', and Maccabi Health services.


A series of recorded lectures about AMD and other retinal diseases



Live Meetings


In addition to the lectures we held two live meetings:

On 19/12 in collaboration with "Camoni" and "Motke".
 Lirot CEO, Nadine Hollander, gave a lecture about reliable medical information to an audience of 200 participants.

On December 29, another live was held in collaboration with Migdal Or and Dr. Assaf Friehmann about eye diseases in old age.


Lecture at the Herzliya Cinematheque



In addition, on December 23, Prof. Elad Moisseiev gave a lecture on Age Macular Degeneration (AMD)- diagnosis and treatment, to a live audience at the Herzliya Cinematheque in collaboration with the Health Department of Herzliya.


Campaign by TBWA company




Items on TV



13/12 - Dr. Shiri Shulman
The test that can save the eyes of the elderly



22/12 - Prof. Anat Lewonstein
A large percentage of the elderly population suffers from eye diseases.



29/12 - Prof. Elad Moiseev
Maintaining eye health




Radio shows



"Private Doctor" Radio show 12/18/21
 Interview with Dr. Gabriel Katz, Director of the Retinal Unit at Sheba Hospital, Tel Hashomer, Chairman of the Israel Retina Department.



Radio Tel Aviv Prof. Yehuda Adler's Health Program 12/22/21
Interview with Prof. Rita Ehrlich, a specialist in retinal diseases and retinal surgeries, director of the retinal unit at Rabin Medical Center and an eye specialist active at Lirot association eye doctor forum.


ANTI-EYE-GING campaign In the press



Advertising and exposure



Thank you



A heartfelt thank you to all the doctors, lecturers, and professionals who volunteered to provide professional information during the  Eye Health Awareness Month 2021.








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Lirot relies entirely on the goodwill of partnerships and support from philanthropic foundations, individuals and corporations, in Israel and abroad. In these difficult times, more than ever, due to the corona plague, we will be grateful for your important support to Lirot's activities. Support that will allow us to deal with the most vulnerable population and the most difficult cases we encounter.
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