May 2021

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Forefront of Science



GORKY Protein Turns Bitter Tomatoes Sweet

   Life Sciences   

A huge new database helps reveal tomato riddles and may facilitate the breeding of delicious, disease-resistant tomatoes


(l-r) Dr. Oksana Degtjarik, Dr. Moran Shalev-Benami and Hadar Israeli


A 3D structure reveals how a unique molecular switch in our brain causes us to feel full – and may help develop improved anti-obesity drugs


Tidal disruption: As the star approaches the black hole, the enormous tidal forces stretch it until it is finally shredded. Half the stellar debris is flung back into space, while the remaining part forms a rotating accretion disk from which two strong outflows of matter shoot up and down. The system acts as a powerful natural particle accelerator. Scientists have caught a single neutrino hurled towards Earth by the system. Animation: DESY, Science Communication Lab (broadcast quality, please contact

  Space & Physics  

A high-energy neutrino that flung out from a star, ripped apart by a black hole, reveals something about the cosmic sources of these mysterious particles


Prof. Igor Ulitsky

   Life Sciences   

Conserved elements reveal vital spots in the noncoding, regulatory, portions of the genome


Beating cardiomyocytes in the lab of Prof. Shelly Tzlil, the Technion


For a beating heart cell, noise is a problem. Researchers showed that single cells can regulate their inner noise


Mouse neurons – excitatory (left) and inhibitory – viewed under a microscope

   Life Sciences   

A study of lab-grown neurons reveals a new regulatory mechanism for keeping the On-Off switches in our brain in balance


People and Events



Prof. Idit Shachar. Photo: Yael Ilan
Interview with Prof. Idit Shachar, Head of the Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Gender Equality at the Weizmann Institute of Science, on the way forward for a better representation of women scientists in academia


From Around the Web





Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are wreaking havoc and are increasingly challenging medical professionals seeking to treat even the simplest infections. Will humanity end up regressing a century – or will science succeed in reinventing itself?


Physics World

  Physics World  


The Jerusalem Post

 The Jerusalem Post 

Ninth-grader Noga Friedman of Rehovot's De Shalit Middle School won a gold medal and Ya'ara Shulman, a tenth-grader who studies at Herzliya's Rishonim High School, won a silver medal



On Campus



Come visit Weizmann House, tour the pastoral gardens and enjoy a picnic in nature – inspired by the Weizmann couple, Drs. Chaim and Vera Weizmann.

Now open on Fridays during the month of May only - 
hurry to reserve your spot! 

Visits are subject to the Purple Badge rules and must be coordinated 
in advance: 08-9343230 

• Guided Tour at the Weizmann House
• A picnic basket with a variety of delicacies can be purchased on-site and enjoyed on the lawns of the Estate gardens
• The Weizmann House break-in-box game can be purchased on-site - a fun challenge for the entire family
• The visit to Weizmann House involves an entrance fee. Tickets are sold on the spot
• Ample free on-site parking is provided


Science for All - Davidson Institute of Science Education



The Inventions That Helped Women Soar
The clever machine that carried the suffragettes all the way to parliament, time-saving devices and the liberating pill. Commemorating International Women’s Day: The technologies that assisted women in their struggle for equal rights
 Record Methane Emissions Worldwide
Bad news for the fight against global warming: The quantity of methane produced by human activity has reached record highs




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