April 2021

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Forefront of Science



A mouse embryo grown six days outside the uterus is stained at the end point (day 11) for markers of development, revealing normal expression patterns of these markers

   Life Sciences   

The method is set to reveal the hidden first stages of embryonic development – from a tiny ball of cells to organ growth


Digitally colored electron microscopy images of melanoma cells harboring bacteria

   Life Sciences   

The findings of a new study may explain the microbiome-immunotherapy connection


On Jan. 3, 2020, the smoke from bushfires in SE Australia were caught in satellite images beginning to move eastward. Image: Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership


A study uncovers how some Australian fires produced a spreading stratospheric haze rivaling that of a volcanic eruption


Gels with better lubricating properties could be applied to stent insertion and tissue engineering


The clever addition of lipids to water-based hydrogels makes them excellent lubricants for biomedical uses


Three identical copies of a protein (in three colors) make up the trimer enzyme. Colored dots indicate amino acids that were altered to stabilize the structure

   Life Sciences   

New proteins, created through long-distance collaboration, might lead to the reversal of antibiotic resistance in certain bacteria


(l-r) Dr. Neta Regev-Rudzki and Prof. Michal Sharon

   Life Sciences   

A collaborative effort reveals deadly malaria parasites’ pre-invasion strategy for softening up red blood cells


People and Events



Prof. Meir Wilchek
From refugee child to world-renowned scientist, Prof. Meir Wilchek opened doors to new techniques in research and industry around the globe


Dr. Opher Shapira: We take an idea and see what can come out of it

   Technology & Applications   

An interview with the CEO of Yeda, Dr. Opher Shapira, who took office in the midst of a pandemic and radical changes in the global economy


Shaking a sample bottle. Photo credit: Sarah Fretwell, Tara Expedition

   Life Sciences   

Dr. Flora Vincent talks about plankton, science outreach and her endless curiosity


From Around the Web



The New York Times

 The New York Times 

Biologists have long held that a fetus needs a living uterus to develop. Maybe not anymore.




Written mainly in Greek, newly unveiled Dead Sea Scrolls fragments contain parts of the book of the 12 minor prophets.






On Campus



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Science for All - Davidson Institute of Science Education



 The Inventions That Helped Women Soar
The clever machine that carried the suffragettes all the way to parliament, time-saving devices and the liberating pill. Commemorating International Women’s Day: The technologies that assisted women in their struggle for equal rights.
 Record Methane Emissions Worldwide
Bad news for the fight against global warming: The quantity of methane produced by human activity has reached record highs




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