February 2021

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Forefront of Science




   Life Sciences   

Uncovering the activities of the organs, tissues and cells responsible for the body’s stress response as they’ve never before been seen revealed new cells and possible new drug targets


Liron Gruber and Prof. Ehud Ahissar

   Life Sciences   

Movements thought to be mere camera shutters are anything but


Modern olive branch cross section. Five segments were cut from the cross section, and segment I, in the middle, was sampled at numerous points with radiocarbon dating. The red rectangle shows the growth in “bomb peak” years. This segment was cut into 96 samples for further measurement

   Scientific Archaeology   

Weizmann scientists resolve a controversy surrounding an ancient olive branch


Meninges and underlying tissue in a mouse brain: Microglia (red) have a characteristic hairy structure. Blood vessels are in green

   Life Sciences   

An anti-inflammatory agent keeps microglia responses short and to the point


(l-r) Prof. Nir Davidson, Chen Avinadav, Dr. Ofer Firstenberg and Dr. Dimitry Yankelev

   Space & Physics   

Instruments normally found in physics labs are making their way into everyday applications. Institute scientists have greatly expanded these instruments’ capabilities


A Brain Mechanism underlying “Vision” in the Blind is Revealed

   Life Sciences   

Researchers observed slow spontaneous fluctuations in the brain’s visual centers that preceded visual hallucinations in blind people


(l-r) Gili Rosenberg and Dr. Roi Avraham

   Life Sciences   

A metabolic switch in microbe-fighting macrophages signals bacteria to convert them to hotels with amenities


People and Events



1949, (l-r) Drs. Amos de Shalit, Igal Talmi, Gideon Yekutieli and Prof. Giulio Racah in Switzerland
Prof. Igal Talmi helped found the field of nuclear physics in Israel


From Around the Web



The New York Times Magazine

 The New York Times Magazine 

The virus’s strangest symptom has opened new doors to understanding our most neglected sense







Featuring Ofer Yizhar, a systems neuroscientist at the Weizmann Institute of Science


The New York Academy of Sciences

 The New York Academy of Sciences 

The Blavatnik Awards in Israel names three Laureates including an optical physicist, an organic chemist and a neuroecologist


A Window to the Campus





Science Education 

The seventh episode of "A window to the Campus" explores the Weizmann Institute of Science's mission in advancing Science Education in Science and Math and developing academic and practical leadership in these fields.

Click on the link for additional virtual tours of the Weizmann Institute of Science and discover different aspects of the Institute, including its interesting buildings, state-of-the-art labs, history, art, family life on campus, people, and more.





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