November 2019

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Forefront of Science


Prof. Yosef Yarden and Dr. Swati Srivastava propose a new treatment for Ewing sarcoma
Life Sciences
A study in mice showed that reducing a particular hormone signal keeps the cancer from growing and spreading


Drs. Takashi and Mio Kawashima
Earth Sciences

A unique fish meets a unique research method to reveal a deep-brain system


Converging Solutions: Artificial Networks Shed Light on Human Face Recognition
Life Sciences 

Artificial Networks Shed Light on Human Face Recognition

The glycoprotein spike complex of the Ebola virus bound by a neutralizing antibody isolated from a vaccinated individual

Scientists in Israel and Germany show, on the molecular level, how an experimental vaccine offers long-term protection against the disease


Sheep blowfly. Photo: Dr. Andrew Kotze, CSIRO Agriculture, Australia

Researchers screened thousands of compounds with a unique computer algorithm, finding one that may allow farmers to significantly cut insecticide use


Life Sciences
A newly discovered mechanism may lead to better potassium- blocking drugs and improved natural pesticides




Five papers in one week published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences highlight Weizmann Institute research
Right-handed helix (from Bussi, et al.)


Dr. Omer Markovitch, an alumnus of the Weizmann Institute of Science, currently at the University of Groningen, was interviewed for the Dutch website NEMO Kennislink
Dr. Omer Markovitch. Photo by Nerissa Escanlar


In the News


The Graduate Institute Geneva 

The Geneva Challenge, an international competition for graduate students, was launched in 2014 under the patronage of the late Kofi Annan and with the generous support of Ambassador Jenö Staehelin. This contest aims to present innovative and pragmatic solutions to address the main challenges of today’s world. 


Phys Org

A pair of scientists is now making the case that the knowledge and tools exist to facilitate the next agricultural revolution we so desperately need.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Uplands Farm has a history of ground-breaking plant research and environmental activism. Credit: CSHL/2019


Art on Campus



"The Shape of Water"

A new exhibition featuring works by Shay Zilberman and Eli Horesh

Curator: Yivsam Azgad

The David Lopatie International Conference Center, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot

Open Sunday-Thursday, 09:00-15:00. Entrance is free


Science for All - Davidson Institute of Science Education


Until recently, detecting the protein aggregates characteristic of Parkinson’s disease was possible only in the later stages of the disease. A new technique developed at Tel Aviv University enables early-stage diagnosis and treatment

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Parkinson’s Disease: Catching the Early—and small—Signs





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