September 2019

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Forefront of Science


Firework Memories
Life Sciences
Weizmann Institute scientists have uncovered a neuronal mechanism central to human free recall


Dr. Yossi Elran and Prof. Anthony Joseph explain the mathematics of this unique tiling
Math & Computer Science
Dr. Yossi Elran and Prof. Anthony Joseph explain the mathematics of this unique tiling


Prof. Assaf Vardi and Avia Mizrachi wanted to know how the same genetic program leads to life or death
Life Sciences
How do a handful of marine microorganisms live through a major crash?


Malfunctions in a genetic switch can prevent embryonic stem cells from differentiating
Life Sciences
Understanding exactly where this tag attaches will reveal new aspects of how our genes are regulated
(l-r) Prof. Itay Halevy, Nir Galili, Prof. Aldo Shemesh and Dr. Ruth Yam
Earth Sciences 

Isotopes in iron oxides laid down two billion years ago hold clues to the conditions in which they were created
Space & Physics
Weizmann Institute of Science and the Israel Space Agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology are heading this international project


Telling Left from Right by Spinning Them with Light
Space & Physics
Using lasers to separate chiral molecules had been predicted - but never before demonstrated 


(l-r) Prof. Yitzhak Pilpel, Dr. Orna Dahan, Omer Asraf and Dr. Roni Rak
Life Sciences
Mapping where these errors occur was a feat they said couldn't be done. It turns out many are not random




Dr. Chaim Weizmann played a role in building the country – literally
Installing the first cement kiln


In the News


IsraelAgri | Israeli Agriculture International Portal

Using elevated CO2 in greenhouses today can already decrease irrigation amounts
Tamir Klein


Art on Campus


“Tikkun” (Repair) | Aviva Shemer

Nella and Leon Benoziyo Building for Biological Sciences
Raoul and Graziella de Picciotto Building for Scientific and Technical Support 2nd floor

Open weekdays: Sunday to Thursday, 09:00 – 15:00

The series of works "Tikkun" (Repair), presented in this exhibition, is part of the same effort as “Tikkun Olam.” On the one hand, it represents a change in the artist's perception, a shift from distress and suffering to positive thinking and joy. But, equally important, it also allows the observers (almost urging them) to soar to a unique point where they, themselves, can embrace the darkness, then part ways – and grow toward the light.


Science for All - Davidson Institute of Science Education


The Fat that Awakes Cancer
Researchers from Tel Aviv University discovered that compounds secreted by fat cells accelerate the development of aggressive metastatic melanoma
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Bats Think Together
When in a group, brains of mice and bats “synchronize” with others of their species
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