July 2019

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University World Rankings


The Nature Index 2019 normalized ranking for research quality puts the Weizmann Institute of Science in the top three, globally


Forefront of Science


When each point in a carefully designed nematic elastomer sheet deforms along its pre-programmed direction – i.e. small circles deform into differently oriented ellipses – the flat geometry metamorphoses into a the geometry of a face
Space & Physics
What do unique liquid-crystal materials and wrinkle formation have in common? Dr. Hillel Aharoni investigates


Adding to nanotubes' abilities: superconductors and solar cells 
Charts in the Keys of Life
Math & Computer Science
Computerized analysis of playing styles could assist music therapists


(l-r) Shaked Rozen, Dr. Barry Bruner, Prof. Nirit Dudovich, Doron Azoury, Dr. Michael Krüger and Omer Kneller
Space & Physics
A new approach to measuring electrons’ quantum states looks at the tail end of their escape 




Yacob Zilberstein tells of his 70 years of service to the Weizmann Institute of Science
Yacob Meir Zilberstein




Working side by side on their postdocs, this couple feels right at home at Weizmann
Dr. Javier María Peralta Ramos and Dr. Denise Kviatcovsky


In the News


The Jerusalem Post
A talk with Daniel Zajfman, who is concluding 12 years at the helm of the Weizmann Institute. Its youngest-ever president, he has elevated both its budget and prestige to new heights 
The Jerusalem Post





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